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Many of St. John’s brochures are available here for viewing and optional printing.  Brochures may be viewed via the PDF icon to the left of a document.

A Traditional Anglican Parish Church
“What does that mean?”

St. John’s Today
The Past is Prologue...

Worship and the “Bible” Church

An introduction to how the liturgy of the Episcopal Church is a form of worship after the true Biblical model.

Why Is Incense Used?

The Lighting of Votive Candles

Morning Prayer and Communion
What are we doing this morning?

Why I make my Confession
and you should too!
An introduction to the theology of “private” confession in the Episcopal Church not required, but a great aid to holiness!

Opportunities for Youth at St. John’s

Worshipping with Children
Guidelines for Children, Parents, and Friends

Making Arrangements for a Funeral
Commonly known as The Burial of the Dead