The American Anglican Council...

The emblem of the American Anglican Council St. John’s Episcopal Church, Detroit, is a charter member Affiliate Parish of the American Anglican Council.

Mission Statement – The American Anglican Council is a network of individuals (laity, deacons, priests and bishops), parishes and specialized ministries who affirm Biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Communion.  In response to the Lord’s calling and by His grace, we commit ourselves to proclaim the Good News to every person and to reform and renew the Church of Jesus Christ.  We are uniting in order to fulfill our apostolic mission and ministry, working to build a faithful Anglican witness in the Americas.


FOR COMMITMENT – To encourage individuals to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and live a holy life in the power of the Holy Spirit;

FOR LOCAL CONGREGATIONS – To educate and provide resources for congregations which are the center of the Church’s life and mission;

FOR BIBLICAL FAITH – To strengthen, inform, connect and mobilize people of Biblical faith who will stand for Jesus amidst the challenges of contemporary culture and false teaching within the Church;

FOR LEADERSHIP – To recruit, form and deploy a new generation of Church leaders committed to upholding Biblical orthodoxy;

FOR WITNESS – To uphold the Great Commission mandate to make disciples as the primary purpose of the Church;

FOR ONE ANOTHER – To build up the Body of Christ through faithful prayer, shared resources, and unyielding commitment to one another in pursuit of the Lord’s work.